About Us

 Hi! I'm Joy Grace — founder of Kayamoto.Shop, a small, family-owned business based in Clinton, Maryland.

Our practices and love for a mindful lifestyle and in taking care of the environment inspired us to provide you with eco-friendly storage and organization products. We deliver the solution to maximizing space and decluttering while reducing our ecological footprints.

Our team researches and sources extensively to bring you unique, eco-friendly wares that help you declutter and maximize space in style. We take pride in choosing high-quality items for our business and try to keep our costs low as much as possible to pass the savings onto you. Our products are sent from in-house and different factories and warehouses all over the world such as the USA, UK, China, Singapore, and Asia.

Kayamoto.Shop is more than just a brand - it is a state of mind, a way of living, based on mindfulness and green practices. "Kaya Mo To" which means "You Can Do This" is our mantra. Welcome aboard and we cannot wait to join you as you go green and declutter!

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Kayamoto.Shop in the Community 

At Kayamoto.Shop, we strive to encourage and support the efforts of charities by donating our time, talent, and money. We hope to grow our lists of charities in the near future.